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Hi guys

If you are thinking of travelling to Romania but don’t know where to start this is a great place for you. Through this blog I want to share Romania with you, I want to help you get acquainted with the best sites to visit, best ways to travel in between locations, where to stay and what fabulous dishes to try.

I launched this site at the beginning at 2016 with the only purpose of gathering all vital information, that a traveler to Romania needs in order to plan their trip. There is information about this growing tourist destination all over the internet, but some is old and no longer accurate, some is great but not complete and some is in Romanian that does not help foreigners. As a tourist I know sometimes it is exhausting to find the exact information and how you can easily get lost in between so many travel sites, reviews, lists and blogs. This is why I am here, to make things easy, to help you visit Romania and have the most incredible experience!

You can start by reviewing the must see sites and choosing the ones you want to visit. I have created half a day and one day itineraries for the must see cities, as I know time is always short when visiting. And, if you are like me, packing as much as possible in very little time, these tips will come in handy.

Studying tourism and working as a Tour Guide and Travel Agent in Romania for more that 5 years gives me the knowledge and experience to provide you the travel inspiration and useful advice that you need. I create custom itineraries and offer private tours all over Romania all year round, I have stepped in these places many times and this gives me the certainty that I can provide my readers with fresh, accurate and valuable information.

Favorite quote:

in omnia paratus – ready for all things

          foreign term in om·nia pa·ra·tus \in-ˈȯm-nē-ä-pä-ˈrä-ˌtu̇s\


This blog combines the love for my country, passion for travel and desire to help you access all the insight I have to give. To tell you a little about myself, my passions are tourism, photography, literature, writing and painting. I also love any furry creature 🙂

I have had this passion for travel since an early age and this is why I studied this exciting domain and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Internal and International Tourism. The travel license from the Romanian Ministry of Tourism followed. After graduation I started working as a travel agent and tour guide. I gathered a lot of knowledge and great memories, I met so many extraordinary people and had so many surprising experiences that changed me and made me who I am today.

I am a perfectionist and I love to help tourists discover the real Romania, to offer them an authentic Romanian experience.

Thanks for dropping by and feel free to leave a comment if you wish!


Warm regards from sunny Bucharest!

Diana Neculaescu

Blogger | Traveler & Tour Guide | Friend & Fiancee | Animal lover & Cat owner | Romanian & Proud